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Utilizing a Compounding Management System to Support Emergency Response

Customer Spotlight | Indiana University Health

How to Avoid Drug Waste in the OR Pharmacy

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How a Compounding Management System Ensures Drug Quality and Patient Safety

The quality of the Compounded Sterile Preparation you administer to patients is of the utmost importance. It’s critical that your hospital pharmacy adheres to all state boards of pharmacy and federal regulations, and that you do everything you can to ensure drug quality. A Compounding Management System helps with both.

What to Look for in an IV Workflow Management System

Adopting an IV workflow management system (IV-WMS) helps pharmacies mitigate risk by allowing them to detect drug compounding errors before they reach the patient, potentially saving lives. As of 2020, 33% of hospital pharmacies have adopted IV workflow automation, a significant increase from only 8% of pharmacies in[...]

Minimize Risk from Pharmacy Supply Chain Disruption

The decision to insource compounded sterile preparations in your hospital’s pharmacy is not a small one. Insourcing sterile compounding services can bear a heavy burden, including managing calculations and yields, space and staffing level considerations, and capturing and managing data and records. That’s a lot of[...]

In Recent Guidance, FDA aims for Patient Safety at 503B Facilities

The FDA has issued a guidance to 503B facilities regarding Current Good Manufacturing Practice (gCMB)

ConsortiEX ASHP Midyear Recap, Prioritizing Patient Safety

We want to thank everybody who came to visit our booth at this year’s ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition. We always appreciate the opportunity to show off our products to the people who need them most.

Control Patient Safety with Assure-Trak® IV Workflow Management

At ConsortiEX, we work diligently to create solutions designed specifically for the unique needs of health system pharmacies. The result is our Assure-Trak® IV Workflow Management Dynamic Patient Specific Compounding application a dynamically configurable IV Workflow solution to enhance patient safety and optimize[...]

Take Control of Patient Safety and Quality Control with InsightRX

Just last week, ConsortiEX proudly announced our new InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring module.

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