InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring: See What Others Miss

Introducing InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring: See what others miss.

In order to build in the level of process and quality control the FDA demands, 503Bs are recognizing the need for in-hood video to enable accurate root cause analysis of failure modes. In addition, InsightRX assists 503A facilities in complying to State Boards of Pharmacy regulations, which specify visual observation of the clean room space from the outside, through windows or technology.

ConsortiEX is here to make things easy with InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring. A detailed and versatile monitoring system that allows for a thorough overview of the compounding process.

When compounding a batch of 500 or more items, it’s easy for a small mistake to be overlooked. If you aren’t there to see it and you go back to investigate, you’re probably guessing. InsightRX mitigates that risk in the name of patient safety.

With ConsortiEX’s InsightRX Passive Audit Monitoring, you can use retrospective review to see exactly what occurred during each associated production task. InsightRX provides an unprecedented, detailed, level of transparency. Using both video and still photo imaging, our system enables pharmacists and quality managers to go back and observe batches, step-by-step.

Management can check in on technicians and know that they are going through the process as specified – from garbing and gloving, to proper aseptic technique in the clean room, to the completion of every production task in each batch for every individual CSP; with timestamps every step of the way.  

InsightRX is specifically designed to integrate with Primary Engineering Controls and validated by Air Flow Smoke Pattern testing, with a defined Direct Compounding Area.  ConsortiEX has worked with each hood manufacturer to design a retrofit kit for existing hoods, and factory installation option for new hoods.

In addition, InsightRX seamlessly integrates with the Assure-Trak® IV Workflow Management Batch & Dynamic Patient Specific modules. Together, they provide you with a more versatile, thorough, and user-friendly way to deploy Total Ingredient Lifecycle Management throughout your facility …from Pedigree to Patient®.


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